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Festus the Leechlord is a twisted alchemist of disease that serves Nurgle and a former plague doctor.[1][2]


He is a heartless maniac that not only leads Nurgle's servants to battle, but also relishes the chance to try out each brew on his unwilling foes and spread plagues through their ranks with infections cheerfulness and exuberance.[1][2]


Festus the Leechlord carries a alchemical laboratory, filled with pestilent potions, upon his back. He applies administers those elixirs to both friend and foe, healing himself and those who are blessed by Nurgle, while those that don't dissolve immediately or explode in messy display of medical negligence. He also carries a toxin-laced Plague Staff into battle and is a wizard capable of casting Curse of the Leper.[1][2]