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Gutter Runner 01.png
Gutter Runners.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Skaventide
Main grouping Skaven Clan
Core resources Warpstone
Races Skaven
Spell lores Lore of Ruin
Lore of Warpvolt Galvinism
Scenery Skaven Gnawhole

The Clans Eshin are mysterious and deadly, in a society in which treachery is an art form they are the masters of stealth, assassination and spying.[1]

Seemingly apolitical, the Clans Eshin are, from the outside anyway, stable and free from infighting. They offer all the other clans their expert skills of death dealing and espionage with agents and assassins that can-not be matched. [1]


Even the Masterclan are unsure of the motives, full capabilities and even enclaves and bases of this intensely secretive Great Clan, in particular other skaven do not know how they instil such apparent discipline in their warriors. Their masters are often protected and obscured by body-doubles and illusionary magic and many many skaven constantly speculate on why Eshin have never sought to take control over Blight City, something that fills them with a potent mixture of fear and paranoia. [2e]

They have a vast array of powerful weapons and magic’s at their disposal and their adepts and Masters can walk on shadows and slip through a hole no larger than a coin. Whilst they are well known for their assassinations - they are also fully capable of fielding packs of Night Runners and Gutter Runners to attack in force. They can strike from ambush and attack rear-echelon forces and artillery and dispatch officers. Finally there are the terrifying Verminlord Deceivers.[2e]

It is thought that the chief burrow stronghold of the clan is in the Realm of Ulgu but nothing more is known about its size, strength or location. [2e]


The Eshin acknowledge the Great Horned Rat as the Shadow of Murder, he who compels them to murder those who are in a position of power and to cause panic, confusion and anarchy in their rivals until they can claim their rightful place as rulers of the Skaven race. [2e]


At the end of the Age of Chaos, Clans Eshin agents in the Realm of Azyr discover Sigmar’s plans to return with a new army, their masters plot to make the best use of this information, which even the gods of Chaos are not privy to. [2d]

Many skaven clans are devastated by the arrival of the Stormcast Eternals, but others are warned by Eshin agents. Those that are shattered by the onslaught provide plenty of new slaves and resources for the Clans Eshin. [2d]

As the Realmgate Wars draw to their bloody conclusion, Eshin agents meet with the greatest champions of Slaanesh at the Six Citadels, selling them untold secrets. [3a]

Following his return to Azyrheim after driving the Skaven out of the Shasmodach jungles, they assassinate Sethril Brightblade, a heroic Drakelord of the Order Draconis, carving their rune into his chest. [2d]


Name Great Clan Territory Status Description Source
Kratt Eshin Active Expert in the art of sabotage. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - The Clans Eshin, pg. 29
Nichtus Eshin Active At the beginning of the Age of Chaos they sent several slinktalons to assist the forces of Slaanesh in breaching the fortress of Obstryx. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - Rise of the Under-Empire, pg. 18-21
Nullix Eshin Active Specialists in slaying sorcerer's and mages. They often wear grey. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - The Clans Eshin, pg. 29
Scurrie Eshin Active Thought to be one of the two most powerful Eshin clans, having a master on the Council of Thirteen, but this may be a deception. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - The Clans Eshin, pg. 29
Slynk Eshin Active Grey Seer Retchnik hired them to use the partially flooded gnawhole that had emptied the Khaphtar Sea and sneak into Nagashizzar, causing the Necroquake. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - Rise of the Under-Empire, pg. 18-21
Stryk Eshin Active Thought to be one of the two most powerful Eshin clans, having a master on the Council of Thirteen, but this may be a deception. Long enemies of Clawlord Splitfang and his Clan Skrabb over a ruined duardin karak, they enslaved those who survived the Stormcast Eternals attack on his newly claimed stronghold. Battletome: Skaven (2019) - Rise of the Under-Empire, pg. 18-21
Battletome: Skaven (2019) - The Clans Eshin, pg. 29


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