Era of the Beast

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Era of the Beast is a period in the Age of Sigmar after the Arcanum Optimar and the end of the Soul Wars beginning with the return of Kragnos to the Mortal Realms.[1a]



With Nagash defeated by Teclis, Alarielle began a ritual that caused pure life magic which is antithetical to the Shyishan energies of Nagash to cascade across the realms. While the lands were freed from the effects of the Necroquake this also resulted in the release of beings old and new. Thus within the Twinhorn Peak the prison of Kragnos broke and when the newly released god returned to his homeland of Donse he only found the ruins of his nation being consumed by Thondia. The already angered Kragnos saw the glimmering spires of Excelsis on the horizon and considering it an affront began a trail of destruction towards the city with a growing horde of hundreds of thousands of greenskins following in his wake and even gaining clans of Mega-Gargants to his side. The God came into conflict with Gordrakk but due to the intervention of Skragrott the two groups entered into an alliance resulting in a massive and growing Waaagh!. Excelsis was suffering from an anti-magic cult known as the Nullstone Brotherhood as a result of previous uprisings by the forces of Tzeentch but in reality the brotherhood was a front for a Slaaneshi cult. The cult abducted and sacrificed aelves bringing Synessa and Dexcessa to the city. Knights Excelsior were already at war against the skaven and the Slaaneshi threat when the city walls were battered to dust by Kragnos and his Mega-Gargants and the ogor mercenaries of the city turned traitor. Lord Kroak led the Seraphon to the city's defence while the Shadow Queen Morathi brought the forces of the Khainite cult on a Scourge Privateers armada. The momentum of the Orruk offensive stalled within the city streets where the Greenskin were scattered and broken. Ultimately the Slaaneshi twins were banished while Kragnos was lured into a portal. [1a]

In the aftermath, Morathi answered to the council of gods for her annexation of Anvilgard and here Grungni, the Great Maker intervened for unity. The smith-god returned to lend aid to Sigmar and helped forge a new breed of Stormcast Eternals to deal with the Cursed Skies of Be'lakor. However the orruks continued their rampages beyond Excelsis, seeing Kragnos as an avatar of Gorkamorka they flocked to him launching Big Waaagh!s consisting of Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz and Kruleboyz who have put aside their differences and crushed every Sigmarite Strongpoint in their path. The Kruleboyz surged from the mist-wreathed bogs to overrun garrisons and raid outposts only leaving silent buildings and the lingering stench of the deep swamps. The Grand Conclave of Azyr realised that the Era of the Beast is upon them and Sigmar seeing the threat posed by the greenskin races if they unite behind a single leader sent the new Stormcast Eternals clad in Thunderstrike armour of Grungni to meet the orruks in battle and slay the warlords before the tribes reach critical mass. [1a]