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Emberstone of Aqshy

The Realmstone of Aqshy is known by many names, like Emberstone, the Burning Stones of Aqshy, Ragerock, Brightstone and Aqthracite. [1][2a]


It appears as burning coal with eternally glowing embers or blue-hot prisms of crystallised anger. It not only produces heat, but it also provokes primordial anger or intensify other emotions in those who linger too close to it.[1][2a]


Emberstone burns eternally and radiates both heat and inflammatory passion. Emberstone emits an unfocused primordial rage but also fuels other fierce emotions such as love or righteous pride. Emberstone often forms in places of extreme heat, such as tunnels near active volcanoes and impact craters of fallen celestial objects. Attempts to replicate such effects to create Emberstone artificially have always ended in failure.[5a]


While all realmstone can be used to forge weaponry, Emberstone is considered to be the most suitable. Emberstone is used to forge blazing blades that cut through steel like butter, armour that can surround its wearer with a corona of protective flame or to fuel conflagrations that have devastating effects on Aqshian battlefields. While Khornates detest spellcasting, they value this stone for its essential role in forging peerless weaponry.[2a][5a]

Emberstone is also useful for purposes other than forging weaponry. In its diluted form, Aqshian coals are useful as an inextinguishable heat source in the chilly hinterlands of Ghur and the lightless caverns of Ulgu. Emberstone is useful as a fuel for transportation, furnaces, and to magnify mass spells of resolve and courage against enemies that use terror. Aqshians with both the courage and wealth spice their food with crushed emberstone to be more lively in artistic pursuits, sports or romance. [5a]

But Realmstone must be used in moderation as Emberstone burns, consuming the victims until all emotions are erased except for a mind-numbing rage. Those armed with Emberstone weapons in a single battlefield must be limited in number and deployed far apart from eachother as they may end up fighting eachother. Carrying emberstone for long periods result in a burning light that follows them even into their dreams. This is just the beginning as the person's identity burn away including the desire to sleep and eat until only anger and plans for violence remain. No one has the energy to match the infinite mystical energy of realmstone resulting in the users burning out, leaving them too fatigued to even stand even as their eyes are filled with anger. [5a]

Notable Deposits

  • The Red Crater was created when Sigmar defeated An'ggrath during the Battle of the Burning Skies and from the scalding heat and trauma of the impact the largest deposit of this Realmstone was created. During the Age of Chaos this deposit was exploited by the competing Bloodbound tribes.[2a]
  • In the Shimmering Abyss there are large veins of this ore. Strangely they take the form of vaguely humanoid accumulations of powerful, volatile matter burn with a furious sentience. It takes skilled miners, aided by the latest eldritch technology, to gather them.[3]

Notable Objects

  • Fingerbite: A potent type of gunpowder created from powdered Emberstone that has been diluted and mixed with sulphur, nitrates and other chemicals.[4a]


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