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Elthondu was a river-port city, located on the banks of the Great Daixo River in the Great Nation of Ymetrica.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

After suffering heavy losses in the battles in Praetoris during the War of Light and Death many Ymetrican survivors of the Teclian Vanguard went to the Elthondu Widows hoping the sisterhood could ease their suffering. Soon after both the survivors and widows would enter the war anew, as forces of Death led by Nagash himself invaded the Realm of Light.[2a]

Ossiarch Bonereapers were among the invaders that came to the Realm of Hysh, the Liche Arkhan directed his subordinate Boneshaper Xaramos and his Flesh-Eater Court ally, Abhorrant Gorstane Mortevell of the Vertigon Court, to raze the long defiant river city of Elthondu.[1a][2a]

Using the bodies of dead Pachydem Sages floating down the river as cover, the forces of Xaramos and Mortevell manage to infiltrate the city. The surprised Lumineth defenders stood little chance and were soon all cut down.[1a] This war would latter come to be known as the Ravage of Elthondu.[2a]


Notable Inhabitants