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Eigngrom is a daemonic axe forged in Khorne's daemonic forges and containing a bound greater daemon of Khorne. The axe grants its wielder an inexhaustible supply of rage and hatred.[1a]


Eigngrom was first granted to the lord of the Murderfist tribe, Vahlak the Profane, in the early Age of Chaos as a reward for the carnage he had caused. Vhalak was killed when two rival warhosts ovveran his tribe. The two victorious warlords then fought for the axe, and ultimately Haemorr of the Brazen Butchers claimed the weapon. He proceeded to use the axe to carve out an empire in Chamon before being killed and Eigngrom passed to another.[1a]

Eventually, the axe came into the possession of the Exalted Deathbringer Bekk the Red of the Slaughterborn. When his warriors were ambushed by Beasts of Chaos in the Hornvale in Ghur, he was impaled on the horns of the herd's Beastlord just as he killed it. With no worthy warriors that could take up the blade, the bound daemon within raged so furiously that it was heard even in the Realm of Chaos.[1a]

The Theft of Eigngrom

Allegaria Sen'sathra, the formost Infernal Enrapturess of Slaanesh,[2a] was among the daemons who took pleasure in the anguish they heard and set out to steal the blade from its resting place. This theft so enraged Khorne that all through his domain volcanoes erupted and rivers of blood boiled over, while in the Mortal Realms his followers felt a need to retrieve the blade. This so pleased the Infernal Enrapturess that she danced across the Mortal Realms playing mocking melodies to taunt the Blood God and draw more daemons of Slaanesh to her side. Eventually, the rage of Khorne woke Karanak, who set out immediately to hunt down the thief.[1b]

Karanak followed ceaselessly, from the Gate of Murmurs in Ulgu to the Oblate Portal in Chamon, through the domains of Nurgle and Tzeentch in the Realm of Chaos, along the Causeway of Secrets outside the Palace of Slaanesh and over the Island of Endless Gore above Khorne's domain, until eventually catching the thieves in the Serried Peaks of Aqshy. There, the Infernal Enrapturess played a grand finale to her opera of excess with the Blood God's howls of rage being played like any other instrument.[1c]

In the end, Karanak was slain by Sen'sathra. Khorne's rage at his favoured Flesh Hound being killed echoed across the Mortal Realms and beyond. While untold millions of mortals felt the Blood God's anger, the brunt of his fury was directed at Slaanesh. In Uhl-Gysh, the reverberations were so powerful that one of the chains binding Slaanesh - the Chain of Purest Hatred - shattered.[2a]