Earthwound Archipelago

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The Earthwound Archipelago is a location in the Realm of Aqshy.[1]


The archipelago was created during the conflict between the Duardin god Grimnir and mother of Slamanders, Vulcatrix when in smiting the great beast with a mighty blow, one of Grimnir's blades cut deep into the continent itself. The resulting chasm, several hundred leagues in length and more than a hundred in width was quickly filled by the molten blood of Vulcantrix. Fyreslayer legends say that the magma ocean that still exists has no bottom and it is a wound that extends beyond the boundaries of the realm of fire. [1]

The lava acts like a turbulent ocean with great waves rising and falling to swamp newly arisen volcanoes in its midst or crashing down on the shores, only ten vast volcanic mountains have endured since the time of its creation, but many still arise and are then destroyed in days, weeks or longer periods.[1]


  • Forgecrag: A huge black island mountain that rises above the ocean of lava, one of the ten original volcanoes that arose from the features birthing and it is the largest. It is home to the Krelstrag fyreslayers and its peak reaches above the perpetual haze of crimson clouds that shrouds the archipelago.[1]
  • The Great Weld: The Fyreslayers believed that it was an anvil formed from mountains by Grimnir, but it was actually a massive beast that the duardin god hammered into a stone anvil. The Great Unclean One Distensath attempted to both release and corrupt the creature but was forestalled by the fyreslayers.[1]



And Grimnir desired an anvil for his work and he essayed first one mountain, and then another, and they were all too weak, shattering to dust at the first blow of his hammer. And because the mountains on their own were too weak, Grimnir gathered a great number together, and he welded them into one with the fury of his making. From that great forging, he had his anvil.

~ Thrumnor on the Great Weld.[1]