Drowned Men

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The Drowned Men are Nurgle Rotbringers specialising in aerial and naval warfare that follows Gutrot Spume. They man Nurgle's Slime Fleets sailing across the oceans and skies of the realms in sorcerously infested rotting hulks in search of new lands to despoil with disease. Drowned Men are clad in verdigrised copper and use the corroded trident as their symbol.[1a][1b]


The Drowned Men originate from explorers and naval crews that claimed to be willing to travel to any length of the Mortal Realms enduring any hardship in search of glory. However when their ships were hit with plagues and stranded at sea they discovered the attention of Nurgle and the majority died in agony. However a tenacious survived and soon gained a demented appreciation of their state resulted in their ascension to the ranks of Rotbringers. They formed raiding hosts that began force feeding dirty seawater to their victims until they died with the most worthy rising again to join their ranks. [2a]


The Land Kraken used by Gutrot Spume during the Realmgate Wars.

The forces of the Drowned Men travel the seas in vast rotting hulks covered in diseased flesh and infested with Nurglings while in the skies they ride blimps filled with stinking emissions and other looted skyvessels.[2a] The Contagium prefers raiding tactics, carrying out surprise attacks to spread as much sickness and death before retreating. Their warriors are swifter than other lumbering warriors of Nurgle being able to hauling their swollen bodies from poxboats and plague blimps and charge into battle before the enemy can react. When they reach the enemy warriors of the Drowned Men attack with terrifying strength, being able to easily cleave through iron armor to shatter the bones of enemies.[1b] They are known for their swarms of skilled Pusgoyle Blightlords who attack the enemy at the onset of a battle allowing Blightkings to easily wade into the slaughter.[2a]