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Dromm (Gorechosen of Dromm)

Dromm, Wounder of Worlds miniature.

Dromm, Wounder of Worlds is a Slaughterpriest of the Goretide and the leader of the Gorechosen of Dromm warband. He seeks to inflict the ultimate act of violence to carve open the realms in the name of Khorne.[1a]

Any foes seeking to challenge him will have first go through his blood-sworn entourage of Herax and the Gorehulk.[1a]


As a Slaughterpriest of Khorne, he shares his deities' scorn for sorcery and sorcerers, and can unbind spells.[1a]

As a priest he is able to chant the Wound the Realm prayer.[1a]


He is armed with a Bloodblessed Axe, a cursed weapon capable of wounding the realms when empowered with the prayer Wound the Realm. He also wields a Bloodcursed Staff.[1a]