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Grand alliance Destruction
Origins Ancient Race of the Mortal Realms
Type Mortals

Drogrukh are an ancient race of massive centaurs that were native to the heartlands of the Realm of Ghur, with the nation of Donse being the center of their civilization. Before the rise of Kragnos they were a peaceful people that lived in harmony with their realm.[1]


Before the Ages

Long before the rise of the Human, Duardin, Aelf, and Greenskin nations of the Mortal Realms the heartlands of Ghur were dominated by bestial races such as the Drogrukh. These towering centaurs were so large that and powerful that they could carve their homes into the stony pillars of that jutted from the land of Donse.[1][2]

For a time the Drogrukh people were content to make a living with only what they needed to survive and forged strong pacts with other races, such as the Draconith, but one day an ambitious warrior known as Kragnos sought to gain more.[1]

With a band of companions this temperamental Drogrukh traversed the Heartlands of Ghur, bringing war and destruction in their wake. Eventually Kragnos would set his sight on the Draconith, allies of the Drogrukh, and began an apocalyptic conflict that brought both races to near extinction. For his actions Kragnos was buried beneath a mountain by Kroak, a powerful and venerable Slann, and Dracothion, the progenitor god of the Draconith.[1][2]

The surviving Draconith, who had lost many of their people to Kragnos's attack and many clutches of eggs to the rampage that followed, would then retaliate against the Drogrukh, razing the nation of Donse.[1]


The Drorukh are massive centaurs strong enough to carve into stone pillars with their hooves.[1][2]


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