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Dread Maw

A Dread Maw miniature.

Dread Maws are gigantic reptilian worms, one of the many Monsters of Destruction that exist the Mortal Realms.[1][2]


These worms are able to tunnel through earth and stone like a fish swims through water. They inhabit the underground, spending most of their lives in, and only emerge to the surface to hunt, often taking their prey by surprise.[1][2]


They have yawning, cavernous, circular maw studded with rows upon rows of sickle-shaped teeth and large enough to swallow and devour a fully-armoured man whole or their powerful slime spray. Their armoured scales were reinforced by the taint left behind during the Age of Chaos, making them impervious to harm.[1][2]


When they hunt they use their hard rock-like coils, to constrict and crush their prey. On larger creatures they burst forth from beneath the ground and latch on with their hooked teeth to teat their way inside the greatest beasts. They then eviscerate them from within and quickly hollow out their carcasses.[1][2]