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Two Dragon Nobles miniatures, the one on the left on foot equipped with a Phoenix Banner, a Starblade and an Enchanted Shield and the one on the right mounted on an Aelven Purebreed and equipped with a Starlance and an Enchanted Shield.

Dragons Nobles are Aelven commanders of the Order Draconis armies. They are extremely prideful beings, for they are taught since young age to have a deep sense of honour and a mastery over diplomacy and war. At war they are very flexible, excelling at commanding armies from a distance and directing it's flow as well as having unmatched skill in melee. Their presence is able to inspire his fellows to succeed at hitting their foes.[1][2a]


They can go to war on foot or mounted on an Aelven Purebreed.[1][2a]


They wield weapons like Enchanted Polearms or Starblades and some pair these weapons with an Enchanted Shields or a magical Reaver Bows. If they are riding on a Aelven Purebreed they may take a Star Lance or a Starblade paired with an Enchanted Shield, while their mounts attack with Ithilmar-shod hooves. Some will be granted the honour of carrying a Phoenix Banner, that makes charges near them more likely to reach a further distance.[1][2a]



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