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Dracothion's Tail

Dracothion's Tail emblem.

Dracothion's Tail is a constellation of Seraphon that whips across the heaven and is said to mirror the mood of Azyr, their master being the Slann Starmaster Kuoteq. The Fury of Azyr, the Scar-Veteran Quar-Toc dwells within the stars of this vast constellation as well as his armies. They are quick and unpredictable on the battlefield, their ranks filled with Saurus Knight, Ripperdactyls and Terradon Riders.[1]


Seraphon of the Dracothion's Tail are known for their distinctive yellow markings, forming a stripe running from their saggital crests down their backs.[2][4a]

Relation to Dracothion

Through careful studies of the constellation's path across the firmament of Azyr, astromancers have come to believe that the temple-ships of Dracothion's Tail closely follow the celestial passage of the godbeast from whom they take their name. Those who fought alongside the Seraphon of Dracothion's Tail claim that the skies above shine with countless pinpricks of starlight even in the brightest day, and if one looks closely they may catch a glimpse of a sinuous shape sending the cosmos rippling with each subtle motion. It is as if Dracothion watches the Seraphon that bear his name particularly closely. Indeed, it is rare for godbeasts to involve themselves in the affairs of mortals, for they are an entirely different class of being. Although the Great Drake is a proactive ally of Sigmar, for it to pay such heed to the constellation's wars suggests that these particular Seraphon serve him more directly than many would suggest.[3a]

More radical scholars have even proposed that these Seraphon may instead be mere manifestation's of the Great Drake's will. If there is any truth to such assertions, the Seraphon would certainly never tell unless directed by their Starmasters. Few can deny, however, that the celestial bodies glow brighter above above wherever this Seraphon constellation fights, the heavens glimmering in approval for each unclean life they take.[3a]


Military Tactics

The starhosts of Dracothion’s Tail descend with the force of a meteor. The repercussions of their wars may not resolve themselves for centuries, yet in time every action orchestrated by the constellation’s Starmasters delivers another blow against the forces of Chaos. Relative to other constellations, few are as active as Dracothion's Tail. Being that the constellation possesses a relatively numerous amount of Starmasters, the Seraphon of Dracothonion's Tail can muster the most powerful incantations to overwhelm their foe with a continuous barrage of spells.[3a]

Starborne constellations regularly summon reinforcements directly from temple-ships by casting their warriors across the battlefield in the blink of eye. However, the Seraphon of Dracothonion's Tail have exploited this by directly blasting their enemies with arcane fires only for a host of mounted saurus to materialise where the enemy stood seconds later. Meanwhile, shrieking Ripperdactyl flocks are shunted across great distances instantly to divert the attentions of lumbering monsters that would otherwise have savaged the Seraphon ranks.[3a]


The warriors of Dracothion's Tail are renowned for using red shields. The cohort markings on these shields are the same distinctive golden yellow as the stripes on their backs.[2][4a]



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