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Devilthorn Pack

The Devilthorn Pack is a type of wearable waterskin that was designed by a Chamonic craftsman in the hopes it would allow travelers to drink even when they have no free hands and to store as much water as possible without being overburdened.[1a]


Inspired by the dew-catching horns of the Thorned Molodroth, a Chamonic craftsman went to work creating the wearable waterskin known as the Devilthorn Pack. The device was developed to solve two issues that often plague travelers: often times travelers can find themselves in situations where they have no free hand to keep themselves hydrated with a conventional waterskin and those who travel across the deserts of the Mortal Realms need as much water as they can carry, but also can't afford to be hampered by heavy equipment.[1a]


Devilthorn Packs are usually made from either lizardskin or Ulguan slipcloth. A hose made of flex-metal is attached to it, the wearer can bite upon the tip of the hose to sate their thirst. The device can be filled with conventional liquids such as water or alcohol, hold up to five-hundred drops of Aqua Ghyranis, or can store upwards of fifty doses of alchemically made potions.[1a]


Devilthorn Packs are usually sold at markets for around twelve drops of Aqua Ghyranis.[1a]