Destruction Alliance Armoury

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Name Description Notes
Hammerblade A hammerblade that when swung down unleashes an explosion of energy. It is molded from a massive lump of compressed meteoric iron.
Battered Talisman A once finely wrought gemstone with powerful defensive abilities. It still retains its power despite being chipped and dirt-encrusted.
Bellowing Blade A strange blade that makes it's wielder stronger depending on the volume of insults he shouts at the leaders of their enemies.
Collar of Domination A studded collar that has the power to subdue the fiercest monstrous creatures.
Battle Brew A pungent liquid that in moderation can rouse the drinker to prodigious feats. In excess it will quickly rot one's innards.
Rockeye This rough gemstone gives its bearer the power of second sight. To be used the bearer needs to pluck out one of his eyes an replace it with this gem.

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