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Wight King on Steed 01.jpeg
A Wight King on a Skeletal Steed.
Grand alliance Death
Associated factions Soulblight Gravelords
Main grouping Deathrattle Kingdom
Races Skeleton
Mounts Skeletal Steed
Warbands Sepulchral Guard

Deathrattle are vast legions and hosts of Undead, skeletal warriors who are the remnants of civilizations that fell long ago, risen by powerful necromancy and bound to the will of undead monarchs. Many of these legions are led by powerful, sapient skeletal warlords known as Wight Kings, or Queens.[3a]


The Wight Kings rule huge empires, known as Deathrattle Kingdoms, from their barrow thrones, tomb palaces and mortuary keeps. Their followers were once the citizens of living and vital kingdoms that have been destroyed by war, pestilence or simply the ravages of time. Many of the inhabitants of these empires still act much as they did when they were living, toiling silently to build and maintain cities and towns, clear woods and forge weapons and tools.[1]


Deathrattle armies are a sharp contrast to the ravening hordes of the Flesh-eater Courts, marching and fighting in disciplined ranks of infantry with proud cavalry formations to supplement them.[1] The core of the infantry are known simply as Deathrattle Skeletons and are little more than mindless automatons. But above them are the Grave Guard and Black Knights.[3a]

The Grave Guard are elite warriors, heavily armoured in the best materials their nation can provide. They serve as the champions of Deathrattle forces and as the huscarls to Wight Monarchs. In life, they swore oaths to defend their rulers for eternity, and in those places touched by Shyishan magic such oaths hold firm.[3a]

The Black Knights are the noble knights mounted upon skeletal steeds. They are often formed into shock regiments to shatter the shieldwalls and battlelines of those that oppose the Deathrattle and Soulblight Gravelords.[3a]

All, from the most meagre skeleton to the greatest Grave Guard, are unburdened by doubt and weariness, react swiftly and efficiently to the commands of their lords, and fight to carry out those commands with startling determination.[3a]


  • Soulblight Gravelords: The Wight Kings that lead Deathrattle armies - whether being cruel Shyishian despots or enlightened Hyshian philosarchs - feel a deep sense of pride and individuality within them, making all but the weakest of them difficult to dominate by any but the Mortarchs and Nagash himself, as many a foolish Necromancer and Vampire Lord has found out. Thus, wise Soulblight monarchs often form alliances and pacts of mutual respect with the Deathrattle Kingdoms - offering them freedom of conquest and mountains of corpses with which to reinforce their hosts, in return for serving as valuable lieutenants and champions. With the coming of the Ossiarch Bonereapers, these alliances are becoming more necessary for all but the most stubborn of Kingdoms to survive. [3a]


Gaze now upon the tomb of Halgorax, Eternal chieftan of the Fasting Veldt, Butcher of seven nations, Lord of the Hosts, Maker of ten thousand widows and orphans. Think upon him and despair, mortals, For still he shall not tire until his boot rests on your throat.

~ Inscription above the entrance to the Hollow Barrows of Ghur .[3a]