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Da Choppas, also known as Doggrok's Choppas, is a warclan of Ironjawz orruks who believe their mission is to vandalize and deface great works all across the realms.[1a][2a]


Da Choppas are led by Ka-rokk, a Weirdnob Shaman who carries around the skull of the former Megaboss Doggrok on his staff. He talks to the skull and asks its advice, despite not thinking much of Doggrok while the Megaboss was alive.[3a]

It's unclear whether Da Choppas truly follow Ka-rokk or if they are just continuing to follow Doggrok, who they believe relays orders through the shaman and who they are unwilling to defy even though he's just a skull now.[1a]


Ka-rokk's trusted lieutenants are the Daggboyz, veteran vandals and skilled rabble-rousers who are given the most important missions and who wear armour decorated with triangular "dags".[3a]

War Cry

"Come on Da Choppas!"[3a]


Da Choppas wear dark blue armour. Despite their penchant for vandalism and general disrespect for artistic detail, they are meticulous about painting lines of white war-checks on their armour; Ka-rokk relayed the order to do so from Doggrok, so everyone did so and continue to do so since Doggrok hasn't said to stop. The Daggboyz supplement this checkered pattern with their namesake white triangular "dags".[1a]


To Da Choppas, their vandalism is a mission from Gorkamorka and they hold a low opinion of any follower of the Great Green God who isn't up for smashing some stuff. If they come across grots, ogors, gargants, or - Gork forbid - other orruks just sitting around and not causing trouble, they will attempt to rile them up into a destructive mob. This sometimes involves violence against anyone not sufficiently enthusiastic about breaking things, but over the years Da Choppas - and, in particular, Ka-rokk and his Daggboyz - have become very good at inciting destruction by speech alone.[2a]


In the Era of the Beast, Da Choppas swept into Rondhol in Ghur with the goal of destroying the Dawnbringer settlements in the area, all the way to Everquake City in Lendu.[3a]


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