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Cullen Twayn

Cullen Twayn is a warrior-priest of Sigmar in the Realm of Shyish. [1]


A young man with a shaved head in blue robes and golden plate armour, books chained to his waist and a two-handed hammer across his back.. [1b]


Cullen is the youngest son of Gasper Twayn, a member of the Gand Conclave of Azyrheim. [1b]

He is acquainted with Lector Hulio of Nordrath and joined the expedition from that city to reclaim Caddow in the Realm of Shyish, passing on the Lector's good wishes to his friend Gardus Steel Soul who he met in a field hospice. [1a] Discovering that he had travelled to Shyish, Gasper wrote to Albain Lorcus demanding his return. [1b]

Following the battles to reclaim Caddow, he set out into surrounding area to take his sermons to the people of Shyish but one night was found by Ghosteater and his warband. However the Beastlord did not attack, but listening to the ghost of Palento Herst sat down with him to speak of their different least at first. [1c]


I had hoped to take his sermons - and mine - into the the dark of Shyish. There are tribes in the surrounding regions who know not the light of Azyr. I would carry Sigmar's word to them. Foolish, I know, when there are souls in need, closer to home.

~ Cullen to Gardus Steel Soul.[1a]