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Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Sons of Behemat
Environments Caverns[1a]

Creepers are diminutive and odious troglodytes that reside within caverns across the Mortal Realms.[1a]


Age of Myth

The origins of Creepers remains largely unknown, though it is assumed they must be pleasant, though it is known they have existed within the Mortal Realms since time immemorial.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Creepers have begun to leave the safety of their caves, or in many cases were chased out, in the Era of the Beast as they desire to ride to battle upon Gargant 'mounts.' Though some Gargants are willing to allow Creepers to crawl upon them, many seem unaware of their presence entirely.[1a]


Creepers are naturally skittish creatures who are remarkably dextrous, notably they are also largely blind.[1a]



They are known to eat fruit and the parasites that infest the flesh of Gargants.[1a]



Most Creepers use their natural talent for dexterity to ransack the camps of sleeping travellers or claw out the eyes of predators. Some however use their skills to create works of art out of stolen loot and the remains of animals.[1a]

In spite of their skittish nature Creepers believe themselves to possess great strength and desire to prove this on the battlefield. To this end, many have taken to crawling upon Gargants, who they see as holy steeds sent by their gods. It is the Creepers who braid the hair of Gargants and mark them with warpaint.[1a]


They are known to worship strange, subterranean gods.[1a]

Notable Individuals

  • Zeg: The Creeper King and advisor to King Brodd. Has sworn eternal vengeance on Sigmar due to the destruction of a juicy pear.[1a]



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