Crafts Festival of Ar-Ennascath

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The Crafts Festival of Ar-Ennascath is an unnamed festival that occurs annually in Ar-Ennascath, capital of the Syari Magocracy. It is a grand festival in celebration of creativity, artisanry, originality, and artistry, and there are none like it found across the breadth of the Mortal Realms.[1a][2a][3a]


The invitations to the annual festival are crystalline.[3a]


The journey to the festival is wrought with dangers, and participants in it must travel to it on foot, as the lands of Syar are marred by the tragedies wrought upon it by its own people during the Spirefall. Those seeking to compete in the festival must contend with predatory spells and land that thirsts for blood.[2a][3a]

Those who survive the journey will find themselves before the magnificent cloth gates of the great city itself.[2a][3a]


Participants in the celebration will display their creations in festival areas along the streets of Ar-Ennascath. While the festival is nominally a celebration of craft from across the Mortal Realms, a secondary intention is so the Syari Lumineth can lord their skills over others.[2a][4a] In spite of this, the Syari have been known to praise the superiority of truly wondrous works brought by others.[2a]

Famous Participants

  • Coradane of Azyrheim: A famed artisan, favored by the God-King himself. She creates creatures made of fluid-metal that serve as both pets and weapons. Invited one year by no less a personage than Teclis.[3a]


  • The official name of the festival remains unknown.