Coven Throne

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A Coven Throne miniature.

Coven Thrones are gilded, bone-framed palanquins that carry a Vampire Queen, an ancient Soulblight Vampire and her Pallid Handmaidens, into battle.[1a][2]

Accustomed to luxury, a Queen of her kind is seldom keen to trudge through the mud of a battlefield but instead may recline upon her gilded throne as her army tears apart her enemies. As they glide forwards, her Handmaidens are able to use the scrying pool, filled with a virgin's blood, to see the future. This scrying together with the vantage point above the battlefield gives the Queen tactical insight on how to assess, disrupt and take advantage of enemy plans.[1a][1b][3a]


The Vampire Queen can use her magics to revive undead minions, protect herself and her chosen maidens with Mystic Shields, strike down enemies with Arcane Bolts and cloud the minds and hearts of their prey with the Beguile spell.[1b][3a]


A Vampire Queen is never unarmed, able to use her predatory bite as well as her Stiletto whilst her Handmaidens have Needle-sharp Poniards. She can also use her Blood Kiss to create Vampire Lord whenever she slays one of her foes. The Spectral Host, the departed spirits of those slain by this monarch of the night, that carries the throne can carve up their foes with Ethereal Weapons. [1b][3a]


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