Corpse-rippa Vulcha

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Corpse-rippa Vulcha is a species of massive avian beasts that live in the swamps of the Mortal Realms where they are used as mounts by the Killabosses of the Kruleboyz.[1a]


A Corpse-rippa Vulcha is a winged monstrosity with a beak powerful enough to crush rocks and talons that can shred steel.[1a]


Despite their considerable strength the Vulchas are creatures of the swamp that rely on their cunning. They pick a twisted tree and snip at its roots to kill off the tree while maintaining it upright. The Vulcha then impales its prey on the branches so the corpses will get juicy with rot. This also acts as bait for other monsters while the Vulcha silently circles above and when a monster takes a bite out of the larder the Vulcha descends with a screech notable for sounding similar to "Mine!" to rip apart the creature and its corpse to the larder.[1a]

Use by Kruleboyz

Kruleboyz are known for taking the risk of approaching the larders of Corpse-rippa Vulchas to poison the corpses. When the poisoned Vulcha is thrashing around in agony a Killaboss must jump on the beast's neck and throttle the beast to submission. Vulchas make excellent mounts for the Killabosses allowing them to fly above the fog of war and descend upon enemies in silence.[1a]




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