Collegiate Arcane

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Collegiate Arcane
Battlemage 02.png
A Battlemage of the Collegiate Arcane.
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Cities of Sigmar
Races Human
Mounts Griffon
Vehicles Celestial Hurricanum
Luminark of Hysh
Spell lores Lore of Cinder
Lore of Dark Sorcery
Lore of Eagles
Lore of the Ghurish Heartlands
Lore of Illumination
Lore of Leaves
Lore of Smog
Lore of the Phoenix
Lore of Whitefire
Archetypes Battlemage

The Collegiate Arcane is a faction of sorcerous artisans that create magical devices to siphon and channel the magic of the Mortal Realms into powerful spells. Whenever the armies of Azyrheim need magical support it is the Collegiate Arcane they turn to.[1]


Unlike the aelven seers of the Eldritch Council, their talents are not instinctive. They require arcane foci and esoteric devices to channel the magic into sorcery. They work their spells by using celestial orreries, etheric lenses and other enchanted objects like staves, masks, hourglasses and orbs.[1]

Battlemages, the wizards of the Collegiate spend a decade of their lives studying at each of the Sky Towers and only the most venerable of their number can be considered experts in all eight disciplines and ascend to the rank of Grandmaster of the Collegiate.[4a]

Wizards are suffused with the particular energies of the realm in which they were born, thus a Battlemage hailing from the Bright Plains of Hysh may learn to call upon the powers of the Shadow Realm to wreathe themselves and their allies in darkness but are far more potent when using the magic of Hysh such as calling upon the Guardians of Pha, magical entities from Hysh that shield those who summon them with barriers of radiant luminescence.[4a]

In battle they cast searing bolts of fire or snaking lighting or murderous shadows. Others create protective wards and shields around their allies. They are also called upon to stop Daemon chicanery or help them controlling the Realmgates. When more drastic measures are needed the Collegiate deploys magical warmachines such as the Luminark of Hysh and the Celestial Hurricanum.[1][4a]


While Battlemages are the most commonly encountered members of the Collegiate, a visitor to the floating towers of the Collegiate, can find all manner of mages, sorcerers, wizards, seers, alchemists, and elementalists walking the halls, all welcomed with open arms. As well as a great many scholars.[5a]

Many Battlemages are profoundly changed by the magic they choose to wield most often.[5a]

Mages and scholars of the Collegiate will often employ adventurers and sellswords to seek out and acquire arcane tomes, eldritch lore, and artefacts of power.[5a]


The humans had mastered the ways of magic long ago and during the Age of Chaos many wizards from various cultures, magocracies and kingdoms took refuge in Azyrheim. Sigmar decided that this wisdom must be preserved at all costs, and thus the Collegiate Arcane was founded. The Towers of the Eight Winds were constructed in the skies above Azyrheim, kept aloft by powerful enchantments so that they could drift above the Eternal City like glimmering stone candles. Each of these structures is an arcane laboratory and college, dedicated to the study of the mystic lore and recovered artefacts of one of the other Seven Realms. Since the dawn of the Age of Sigmar, the Collegiate has constructed towers and academies of magic in all of the major free cities and are called forth when the survival of those cities are threatened by magic.[1][4a]

Their original purpose was to further magical knowledge and to recover the lost technologies of the Age of Myth, but as war becomes more widespread across the Mortal Realms more and more members have turned to learning battle magics, as either a means of defense or to join the fate against the dark forces that threaten civilization.[5a]


The Collegiate is headed by a council of senior mages pulled from all across the Mortal Realms. This council has the authority to open and close any particular field of study. This council is also responsible for looking over the petitions of those seeking to hire the services of the Collegiate. [5a]

Those who have dedicated an entire decade of study within each of the Towers of the Eight Winds are considered experts and awarded the title of Grandmaster of the Collegiate.[4a]

Other Ranks


The Collegiate is not allowed to maintain its own permanent armed forces but instead will hire Freeguild soliders to escort mages or for other related tasks, these can often be long term contracts where the soldiers ensure that the Collegiate's interests are upheld. [3a]

Collegiate War Machines

The Collegiate Arcane have war machines they use when a Battlemage proves insufficient. These take the form of carriages drawn by Warhorses engraved with arcane sigils that ferry artefacts capable of mass destruction. These also act as arcane foci amplifying the magical capabilities of allied spellcasters. These can be operated by both apprentices and Battlemages through the more experienced spellcasters can draw out more of its destructive potential. Many new war machines came into development with the Arcanum Optimar.[9a]

Some of the most of these vehicles are:


Notable Facilities


The Collegiate doesn't merely study the Lores of Magic, they also seek to create new spells and arcane creations.[4a]

  • Aetheric Lance-Cannons: These powerful devices, supposedly created after studying captured Endless Spells, can be fired through the void to strike far off locations.[4a]
  • Chronomatic Orbs: These powerful devices, supposedly created after studying captured Living Spells, can be used to slow the passage of time.[4a]
  • Negastone Arks: These powerful devices, supposedly created after studying captured Living Spells, can drag all around them into it's crushing embrace when activated.[4a]
  • Whitefire Tomes: These spellbooks contain arcane secrets recovered by members of the Whitefire Court.[7a]


  • Many in the Collegiate Arcane believe that Celestium is related to Dracothion.[2a]
  • The Bright College has a growing interest in the technologies of the fallen Agloraxi empire, and many expeditions have been funded to scour the regions of the Great Parch in search of remnants of said technology.[5a]


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