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The Coldguard were a Freeguild regiment stationed in Excelsis.[3a]


Age of Sigmar

They serve as the city watch before the events of the Uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path. As part of the scheme of High Arbiter Ortam Vermyre, most members of the Coldguard were corrupted resulting in the regiment betraying the city in the Uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path. Almost all members were either killed in the ensuing battle or imprisoned by the Knights Excelsior and the regiment itself was disbanded.[1a][1b]

It would be reformed some years later and once again acts as the de-facto law enforcement of the city during peacetime. They bravely fought to defend the city during the Siege of Excelsis.[3a]


The Coldguard Freeguild is often divided into squads led by Sergeants with Corporals acting as their second in command. The rank and file soldiery of the guild are referred to by the title of Guardsman or Guardswoman.[1a]


The Coldguard used padded armour made from silksteel. A popular substitute for steel in the city of Excelsis.[2]

Known Members


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