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City Aelves

City Aelves are terms that can collectively apply to the cultures and organizations of Aelves found living within, and near, the Free Cities of Sigmar. These Aelves are among those who descended from those Aelves who escaped the death of the World Before Time, and the horrors that befell their kin in Slaanesh's gullet, through a safe haven found via the works of the ancient aelven gods.[1][3a]


Before the Ages

Before the realmspheres and the Realms were formed, the aelven people lived upon the World-That-Was. Many of their kind, and their gods alongside them, were devoured by Slaanesh. But some few escaped into a safe haven created by the ancient aelven deities of that dying world.[1][3a]

Age of Myth

Through enchantments, miracles, and sorcerous devices these aelves made their way to the Mortal Realms. During the Age of Myth these unchanged and untainted aelves spread across the secret places of the Mortal Realms. They taught the values, cultures, and skills of their lost world, choosing to ingore those they saw as lesser beings.[3a]

They would have likely stayed hidden were it not for the coming of Sigmar, who united those aelven souls he found on his journeys across the Mortal Realms and brought them to the Eternal City of Azyrheim. Tyrion and Teclis would eventually encounter Sigmar on their journeys as well, their joy of seeing a familiar face soon shattered by the revelation that only a fraction of the aelven race had survived and the rest had been devoured by Slaanesh.[3a][4a][6a]

Almost all of these Aelves could be found within Azyr, though they were few in number. Even a singular Loremaster within the White Tower and the small mountain monasteries of the Lion Rangers were of remarkable note. There were however those aelves that chose to migrate to the other Mortal Realms and establish small holdings, or empires where they ruled as the noble elite over other races.[4a]

Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos many of the great and terrible empires formed by these aelves were destroyed by the forces of Chaos. The empires of the Darkling Sorceresses[2a], the empire of Narkath[2f], the forest kingdoms of the Wanderers[2e], and the Scourge Empire[2b] were among some of the most notable of these empires to fall. Those who survived the devastating lose of their nations became refugees who fled to Azyr before the closing of the Gates of Azyr.[2]

Age of Sigmar

With the coming of Sigmar's Tempest and the creation of the Free Cities of Sigmar, those aelves that fled to Azyr now join Human and Duardin allies in retaking and recolonizing the Mortal Realms that have long suffered under the rule of Chaos.[1][2g]

These aelves live alongside the other Free Peoples within these new metropolises, many willing to fight just as fiercely as any Duardin or Human to defend their new homes. The Living City and Anvilgard in particular boast large aelven populations.[1][2g]

Notable Organizations and Cultures

  • Darkling Covens: The Darkling Covens are cults of personality centered around the Darkling Sorceresses, who once were queens of great empires in the Realm of Ulgu. They fled to Azyr during the Age of Chaos and joined the reconquest of the Realms, for their own twisted ends, after the Gates of Azyr were re-opened.[2a]
  • Order Serpentis: Once this brutal order ruled over the empire of Narkath and eschewed most of Azyr's laws, seeing them as weak and hypocritical. They eagerly engaged in slavery and brutality, but when the Age of Chaos came their empire was destroyed and they were forced to flee to Azyr, for they were not so proud they'd choose oblivion over curtailing to Azyr's laws. Much like the Scourge Privateers they have found a niche within the societies of Free Cities as monster hunters and soldiers, though theitr brutality has never ebbed.[2f]
  • Phoenix Temple: The Phoenic Temple is religious order and warrior conclave dedicated to the Ur-Phoenix. To join the ranks of the elite ranks of the Temple is no easy task, as only those whose minds and bodies have been devastated by the wars against Chaos are allowed to enter.[2d]
  • Scourge Privateers: The Scourge Privateers work alongside many of the port cities of Sigmar's demesnes. They have earned a reputation as the greatest monster hunters in the Realms and defend port cities from naval invasions. But there are many Fleetmasters who turn to piracy and darker trades.[4b]
  • Shadowblades: This mysterious order of aelven assassins is feared across the Mortal Realms and many enemies of Azyr have met their end at their blades. Though no one truly knows if they owe their allegiance to Sigmar or some darker god. Whoever they ultimately serve, for now they earnestly serve the God-King.[2c]
  • Wanderers: The Wanderers fought long and hard to defend Ghyran during the Age of Chaos, but eventually they swere forced to flee to Azyr or else be destroyed like so many others. Many Sylvaneth, and even Alarielle, see this flight as a betrayal and relations between the two races remain rocky even in the Age of Sigmar.[2e]

Possibly Related Organizations

  • Eldritch Council: These Azyrite Aelves are tasked with keeping the hermetic traditions of the aelven people alive. Each of these peerless mages practices all the elemental disciplines of Teclian magic and they are often called upon to remove the taint of Chaos from places that not even the Devoted of Sigmar could purify.[5a]
  • Lion Rangers: This warrior conclave can trace it's origins all the way back to those first monasteries built in the mountains around Azyrheim. Rather than live directly within the Free Cities they choose to construct monasteries in the mountains and woodlands of the Realms.[4a][5a]
  • Order Draconis: Among those Aelves that were united under Sigmar's rule were thos who found solace in communicating with noble beasts rather than other Aelves or Humans. They would go on to form kinships with pure-bred stallions and drakes. These aelves became the foundation of the Order Draconis. During Sigmar's Tempest these aelven knights would follow in the wake of the God-King's storms.[5a]
  • Swifthawk Agents: The Swifthawks have become the most prolific scouts and messengers of Azyr, as they are the swiftest and nimblest of those aelves sworn to the God-King. It is through their actions that the grand assaults of Order can be co-ordinated.[5a]


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