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Chalice of Ushoran

Chalice of Ushoran is an Endless Spell of Shyish summoned by the wizards of the Flesh-Eater Courts that summons a bone-wrought goblet believed to be a manifestation of the sacred cup held by Ushoran that is continually filled with the blood of those slain in its presence. The flesh-eaters that bath in the overflowing gore are granted unnatural vitality and it not only heals the most grievous wounds but even brings backs their dead to fight once more [1][2]


This spell can only be summoned by the wizards of the Flesh-Eater Courts who conjures an ensorcelled chalice of bone from which his raving subjects can sup.[2]


The spell is based on an ensorcelled goblet crafted by Ushoran before his corruption to bestow blessings upon his loyal subjects. Wrought from gold and silver, and encrusted with realmstone from the lands he conquered, it was said that this goblet drew into itself the finest vintages from each liberated domain to never run dry and those who supped this wine were granted portion of their king’s majesty allowing them to stay the hand of death with a mere command. However the endless spell manifested by the abhorrants appear as a colossal construction of polished bone with the skulls of pretender who was slaughtered at the hand of the Carrion King decorating its rim. The cup overflows not with wine, but with the blood and viscera of those butchered on the battlefield. The chalice steals the souls of the slain to join the screaming spirits that bear the chalice aloft, while the gore rises higher within the receptacle overflowing and drenching nearby Flesh-eaters sealing their wounds and regrowing severed limbs and bringing slain mordants back to life.[1][2]