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Celestium of Azyr

Celestium, also called the Giver of Celestial Visions, is the realmstone of Azyr.


When deposited on the realms it appears as twinkling white and blue particles, stardust that looks like gleaming sand.


It manifests most often in the contrails of the meteors and shooting stars that travel the heavens, drifting from the sky into the realm below, differentiating it from other realms' realmstone which more commonly form on it's surface.[1a]


Celestium is commonly extracted by stargazers who sweep up the grains and seperate them from dirt. It is then sent to be processed and refined which involve it being melted down and either used to make glass or allowed with metals.[3a]


Celestium has powerful precognitive abilities and is sought after by seers and as a power source for Celestial Orreries such as those in Azyrheim and the Sigmarabulum.[1a]


Celestium is powerful even in its raw form, a single speck alone can power a celestial orrery for months, or allow a seer to read the threads of fate like a clear map. Celestium is used to manufacture telescopes of supernatural clarity and range, such as the celestium rangefinders used by sharpshooters to guide their bullets or arrows. Celestium is also infused in weapons that can move with precognisant accuracy with the ability to predict the moves of enemy weapons.[3a]

Celestium is also believed to be a component of sigmarite wargear but the truth is only known to the Six Smiths and their smith-disciples. Celestium is also believed to be related to celestite but the Slann Starmasters do not share their secrets. These weapons transmutes into lightning or starlight when it returns to Azyr and it bites strongly when it tastes Chaos-tainted blood.[3a]

However Celestium turns users contemplative to the point they struggle to make decisions when events don’t go according to plan and may grow detached, passive, and unempathetic as they begin to believe individuals are unimportant in the grand scheme of things and the frequent use of the phrase ‘the grand scheme of things’ is a sign of a celestium user. While Celestium is far-seeing the consequences of its use may not be apparent until long after its initial use is forgotten.[3a]


Many in the Collegiate Arcane believe that this realmstone has a relationship with Dracothion, as many claim to see him weave across the stars through the truth is unknown.[1a]

Notable Objects

  • The Comet Unholy: One of the legendary compound-artefacts created by the Arch-Domini of the Agloraxi Empire. A pendant of a thrice-tailed comet formed of celestium and warpstone. It ties together its bearer's sense of willpower and dread together, and prolonged exposure will transform its bearer into a Chaos Spawn.[2a]


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