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Road to Carstinia.

Carstinia is a gloomy underworld of the Realm of Shyish nominally ruled over by Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Night.[1a] It is a dark land, where vampiric overlords rule over terrified mortal peasantry.[3b]


Age of Myth

The Kingdom of Carstinia was founded by Mannfred von Carstein himself in the Age of Myth, during the early conquests of Shyish by Nagash and his loyal forces.[2a][3e] The kingdom was named by Mannfred himself.[2a]

The underworld was mockingly shaped to reflect victories never achieved by Mannfred, a cruel jest of the Great Necromamcer, leading to Mannfred to hold a bitterness that would never fade for the kingdom he rules.[3a][3e]

Age of Sigmar

By the Age of Sigmar over a thousand nations have been conquered by Mannfred von Carstein and his forces, the relics of those nations now laying broken and scattered around the dirt roads of Carstinia.[3a] Many grave-empires also pledge loyalty to Mannfred and the Sanguine Throne of Carstinia, many of them ruled by vampires put into their positions by the Mortarch of Night himself.[3c]

During the Invasion of Invidia a number of agents of the Order of Azyr, the notorious Jelsen Darrock being chief among them, wreaked havoc in Carstinia while Mannfred and much of his forces were away. They were secretly backed by Neferata, Mortarch of Blood.[4a]


Though Mannfred von Carstein is the undisputed ruler of Carstinia, he can seldom stomach the place for long and usually leaves it's governance up to the squabbling Soulblight Vampires that serve as the aristocracy of the kingdom.[3a][3b]



The mortal peasantry of Carstinia rarely goes far beyond the limits of their villages and mark their doors with symbols of warding, in hopes of holding off the monsters that stalk the forests and bogs of the nation.[3a]

Only a few vampires of the Von Carstein bloodline remain, as most were destroyed by brave heroes, have fallen into blood-crazed lunacy, set off to form their own lineages, or have been slaughtered by the ever jealous Mannfred von Carstein.[3c]


Those forces that defend the Kingdom of Carstinia and march out to conquer armies abroad belong to the Legion of Night, the truly vast legion comprised of those undead forces that serve Mannfred von Carstein loyally, and not so loyally. These forces hail from all across Casrstinia and the many grave-empires and nations that owe fealty to the Sanguine Throne of Carstinia.[3c][3d]


The mortal population of Carstinia is expected to worship and pay homage to Nagash the Undying King, a common occurrence in vampire ruled underworlds of Shyish. The Epistles of Bone serves as the holy texts of this religion.[3b]


Carstinia is a gloomy kingdom and underworld that was shaped by Nagash as an echo of past glories never truly achieved by Mannfred von Carstein, a cruel jest on the Great Necromancer's part that has embittered Mannfred to the kingdom.[1a][3a] It is filled with haunted forests, cloying bogs, and forbidding castles.[1a][3a] Bones and shattered artefacts originating from a thousand conquered nations lay scattered around the poorly maintained roads of Carstinia, which stretch as far south-east as the Dread Peaks.[2a][3a]

Flora and Fauna

Packs of Dire Wolves reside in the dark, foreboding marshes and forests of Carstinia. These same forests and marshes are also home to hordes of rotting Deadwalkers.[3a]



The Kingdom of Carstinia is home to a large population of oppressed mortal peasantry, who eke out a meagre existence in fear of their Soulblight overlords.[3a][3b]

Notable Inhabitants