Carrion Empire

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Carrion Empire
Carrion Empire cover.jpg
Released 2019
Pages 41

Carrion Empire was a boxed set and campaign pack set in the Realm of Chamon during the Age of Sigmar.[1]


Once the Empire of Metallurgica was a shining example of what could be achieved by humans and Duardin working together, encouraged by the patronage of the god-king Sigmar. Yet as the Mortal Realms fell into the Age of Chaos, so even this powerful nation would fall - but not to Chaos. Nagash himself would pass judgment on them, transforming their king, Thyador Durenstein into a Abhorrant Archregent and hence condemning his people to life in the Flesh-eater Courts. [1]

In the Age of Sigmar, stories of a gleaming city filled with powerful artefacts that had defyed the forces of Chaos reached the ears of one Skatchnik, a Warlock Bombardier of the Clans Skryre and a great invasion was launched to claim its treasures. But when they emerged from the gnawhole they found only carrion mounds, warrens of semi-collapsed mines and subsiding city-scapes, to claim what artefacts were left they must fight the hordes of mordants that sought to defend their kingdom. [1]


The box set contains two complete forces: