Cadaverous Barricade

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Cadaverous Barricade is an Endless Spell of Shyish summoned by the wizards of the Flesh-Eater Courts that causes the buried dead to be brought writhing to the surface. The corpses of those who once served Ushoran rise up from the grave to claw at the living who draw too near.[1][2]


The spell can only be summoned by a wizard of the Flesh-Eater courts . Abhorrants invoke the oaths sworn many centuries ago by civilisations that bowed before Ushoran to give life to the buried dead that served his sovereign in those times.. He snaps a fallen branch in half and hurls it to the ground which sprouts into a horrific bulwark in moments. They are summoned from long-forgotten tombs, rising up to the battlefield to fight once more for the cause of their lord.[1]


Mouldering corpses imbued with mindless hunger and rage claw their way up through the ground, dragging with them twisted remnants of their ancient civilisations such as rusted palisades covered with gore and barbed fences. Foetid blood spills forth from the wound in the earth, releasing a nauseating fume into the air, while cadaverous hands grasp at any foes foolish enough to stray within reach of the moaning dead. Creatures can also use a Cadaverous Barricade as cover to protect themselves. [1][2]

However in the eyes of an abhorrant, they manifest as mighty spectral warriors clad in ornate armour and carrying broad shields. These spiritual guardians form up into a tight defensive position to form a barrier of impenetrable light to hold back waves of foes whilst shielding the abhorrant’s armies from hails of arrows and bolts.[1]