Brotherhood of Larcenists

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The Brotherhood of Larcenists is the foremost thieves' guild based in the Free City of Izalend. They are involved in many criminal endeavours such as extorting the city's alley gangs, amberglass smuggling, second-storey jobs, heists, loot jobs, and bribery.[1a][1b]


Age of Sigmar

Malvo L'Polche Guinmark served as Thiefmaster of the Brotherhood of Larcenists for ten years until he was betrayed by his protege, Yhorsk Casran. Before the betrayal, the Brotherhood dominated the criminal underground of Izalend. During Malvo's time in power he waged a decade long campaign of murder and bribery to rein in the alley gangs of Izalend, such as the Oilboys and Icehearts, even forcing them to pay the guild tribute.[1c]

After ten years Yhorsk Casran betrayed Malvo and sold him into slavery to take hold of the guild, in an ironic twist Malvo had actually been training his protege to take his place so he could retire. Despite his training, Yhorsk proved to be incompetent at running the Brotherhood of Larcenists. Under his leadership, the Brotherhood lost much of its influence. Corrupt Freeguild officers in the employ of the guild demanded higher bribes, as did many corrupt politicians, the alley gangs threatened to rise up against Yhorsk and he was forced to begin paying them tribute, the amberglass smuggling began to suffer as the guild's smuggling crews vanished in the Druichan, the alley gangs began waging turf wars for fun, and assassination attempts on Yhorsk became common.[1b][1c]

Facilities and Resources

The Guildhall of the Brotherhood of Larcenists is a nondescript structure built against Izalend's Pauper's Wall. Bulky guards disguised as beggars patrol the area around the entry to the guildhall. Despite its outward appearance, the inner chambers of the guildhall were decked in gaudy luxuries such as mosaic floors made of Excelsisan shimmerstone, black marble pillars in the entrance way, stained glass windows, multicoloured silk drapes, and a ceiling gilded with patterned gold and silver.[1b]


Enforcers of the guild carry daggers, billy clubs, and repeater crossbows.[1b]


The Brotherhood of Larcenists is an extensive organization with many members. Some of whom work as petty burglars and second-storey artists, thugs dressed as beggars, enforcers dressed in black cloaks, guildhall doormen dressed in black and purple finery, and others besides.[1b]

Notable Members