Broken Plains

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The Broken Plains is a continent in the Realm of Aqshy.[1a]

Among the most notable of its polities are the Volturung lodges of Fyreslayers[2a], the city-port of Gowyn[1b], and the Kastelai vampires sworn to the Rose Throne.[1a].


Age of Sigmar

As a dozen tribes of nomads gather to attack Maar, the abandoned ruins of the castle nearby are transformed into the Crimson Keep as it phases in. The vampire Kastelai rode out and slaughtered the nomads but one cohort remained too long and were still on the plains when the Keep phased out again. Their leaders, Corsovo Volari and Vasara rode to Maar and discovered that they were seen as saviours and used the legends of the return of the rulers of the Grey Palace to become the king and queen of the broken plains. [1d]

Several individual holds are established by Kastelai who become nobles of the Plains. [1d]

About seventy years later, the 39th regiment of the Sun Seekers [1b] were sent to destroy the Soulblight Vampires of the Rose Throne. [1a] They sailed into Gowyn as the vampires were gathering their army to take the port city. [1g]

The Battle of Ire Crossing takes place. [1c]

Celas forms the Fist of five nomad tribes - the first time they have united since the Siege of Maar. [1i]

Nyssa Volari and the other Kastelai are summoned to the Grey Palace where King Corsovo is dying! [1f]

Thirty years after the Battle of Ire Crossing, [1c] Celasian, Abbot-general and bearer of Heaven's Edge brought the Spears of Heaven from Hammerhal Aqsha to finally destroy the undead. [1b] He and Captain Rhysha meet with the Biting Flames tribe but Celasian slaughters the adults and has the surviving children grind their bones up so they can not be animated by the vampires. [1j]

Next Celasian led his reinforced forces against Skulltop, killing Durrano and all his knights [1n] before burning all the surviving humans alive. Nyssa unites or subjugates the other Kastelai and then meets Celasain in battle before the Grey Palace. She defeats and captures him [1o] and then bleeds him out onto her father’s corpse in case it could bing him back. It did not work, but Vasara said it might next time, even though it had never worked with her. [1p]


  • River Ire: Rises as the hot, sulphurous Irewater lake and crosses the flat lands and hills of the plains until it spills into the sea at Gowyn. [1d]
  • Temero: A narrow crest of stone that rises above the plains. [1m]

Settlements and Polities

Fyreslayer Lodges

The Firespike Mountains are the territory of the Volturung and their Kin-Lodges, collectively referred to as just the Volturung Lodges. The mountains boast not only Magmaholds but also highways across both the land and underground, immense watchtowers, and terraced fields strewn across peaks and ridges.[2a]

The Steelspike is a lone mountain among the hills of the desert, linked by a road to the Firespikes, that serves as home to Ulgaen-dumar and Ulgaen-Kumar. The mountain was granted to these two Ulgaen lodges by the Runefather of the Volturung.[2a]


Various tribes roamed the Plains. [1i]

Soulblight Domains



Each of the former Kastelai maintains both their own fortress home, built on the ruins of old hill forts built by the kings of Temero [1k] and their own Order of Blood Knights. [1e]


There are two rainy seasons when winds blow in storms from the sea to deluge the land turning the brown grasslands a lush green. However this verdant growth only lasts a few weeks before it becomes a brittle brown and often generates wide ranging fires. [1m]


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