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Broadsheets are a format of news publication, printed onto sheets, widely used throughout the Mortal Realms, especially within the cities of Sigmar's Empire.[1a][2a]

Creation and Distribution

Printing presses are typically used in the production of broadsheets.[1a] These presses hire broadsheet sellers, both adults and street urchins, to distribute the broadsheets throughout the city they operate in, sometimes these sellers will even read the broadsheets to passersby.[1a][2a]

In the city of Demesnus the paper used to make broadsheets is made from rushes that grow along the Quamus River.[2a]


  • There are no less than four competing printing presses in the Free City of Glymmsforge that battle each other for dominance in the distribution of news. Their broadsheet sellers often fight each other in the streets.[1a]

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