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Brewmaster combine the long tradition of duardin ale brewing with the ingenuity of the Kharadron Overlords.[1a] The brewsmiths of the sky-ports employ aether-powered machines to perfect the brewing process, and enriching the finished drink with unique golden hue and special properties.[1b]

While not as profitable as the Endrineers Guild or the Grundcorp, the brewsmith are still hold in high regard in Kharadron society. Companies like Grumgar Brothers Hoppery or Bugman's Brew of the famed Brewmaster-General Jakkob Bugmansson XI can be found in almost every sky-port of the Mortal Realms.[1a]


Many Kharadron Brewmasters carry with them an Aether-Regulated Keg. Equipped with thermostats and barometers, the keg allows the brewmaster to always keep their brew in perfect serving conditions, or to rapidly speed up the brewing process of new sets of beer. While normally way too heavy to be carried, an aether-powered Endrinharness allows the Brewmaster to carry the keg with them, even into battle. During those situation, the installed Pressurised Beer Tap allows the Brewmaster to quickly refill drinks, or to unleash a powerful torrent of highly pressurised liquid to defend themselves against attackers.[1c]


"The name Bugman stands for quality, everyone knows that. But some of these fools would have you think the watered-down grog they peddle can outdo my brew — and claim I ain’t no true heir of Bugman! As me ancestor used to say, there’s no beer as bitter as its history."

~ Jakkob Bugmansson XI, Brewmaster-General. [1a]



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