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These Artefacts are crafted from the corpses of the Bonesplitterz' prey. They can be especially sharp chompas, fizzing brews or simply lucky bones, but all are potent tools in the hands of the savage orrucks.

Name Description Notes
Dokk Juice A small sip of this potent brew packs a punch, but it may not always be beneficial...
Dragon Toof Weapons fashioned from the remains of dragons and drakes always stay sharp, their edges able to hack limbs from even the largest of creatures.
Glowin' Tattooz The most potent of tattoos are those that contain the spirits of powerful beasts; their glowing magic protecting the orruk from harm.
Lucky bone Some bones are just lucky.
Savage Trophy Be it a relic looted from a defeated foe or the severed head of a rival warclan leader, this trophy has an inspirational effect on the boys.
Weepwood Big Shiv Chompas and stikkas made from weepwood have a thirst for slaughter; growing stronger when fed on spirits of monsters.

Arcane Treasures

Arcane Treasures
Name Description Notes
Big Spirit Stikk A shaman's staff is a potent symbol of their power and a useful place to cram beast spirits. The Big Spirit Stikk is all of these things, as well as being purpose-built for delivering a sound beating.
Big Wurrgog Mask This ancient mask is all that remains of Big Wurrgog, one of Gorkamorka's greatest prophets. Those who wear it can tap into the dead shaman's slumbering power and shoot green bolts from their eyes. The longer the wearer stares, the more power it unleashes, but if they stare too long, there is a good chance the wearer's head will explode.
Da Great Zappa Squig This shamans squiggly beast has grown fat on Waaagh! Energy until it's sides are fit to burst with sorcery. Shamans can get extra magic out of the creature by giving it a good squeeze, though they are never really sure what might come out.
Ju-ju Wotnotz This seemingly random assortment of bones and beast bits is actually a unique collection of potent fetishes and charms saturated with magical Waaagh! power.
Mork's Boney Bitz Some bits of bone are especially strong in the power of the Great Green God. Shamans hammer these together into powerful boney bits of Mork and use them to make their spells extra potent.

Mystic Waaagh! Paint

Warpaint laced with psycho-conductive fungal slime prises open the shaman's mind so more of Gorkamorka's power might pour into it. Able to "see" magic, the shaman can pluck it out of the air with their fat fingers. The warpaint also comes in lots of strange and vivid colours.


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