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Thanquol riding atop Boneripper.

Boneripper is a monstrous Rat Ogor which is traditionally used as a steed by the Grey Seer Skaven Thanquol.[1a]


The first Boneripper was slain long ago, but due to feelings of sentimentality towards the brute, Thanquol will commission agents of Clans Skryre and Moulder to fashion him a new and unusually improved beast to act as his bodyguard and steed.[1a]


In battle, Thanquol crouches atop Boneripper's broad shoulders, the beast's censer-fists billowing poisonous warpstone fumes as its master screeches words of arcane invocation.[1a] Boneripper is also armed with Warpfire Braziers, enormous and fume-belching wrecking balls that crush its largest foes with ease.[1b]


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