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The Bloodgullet Mawtribe is an Ogor Mawtribe dominated by Gutbusters known for their religious devotion to the consumption of blood and fresh meat as well as their powerful butchers. [1a]


Bloodgullet believe only fresh meat juicy with blood should be worthy of consumption and they consider it a holy communion with the Great Beast that Consumes the Realms. In battle, they strike not simply to kill but to bleed their enemies. According to the teachings of their Butchers, cooking meat dilutes its inherent power and the Mawtribe’s ogors see it as a blasphemy to waste even a drop of blood. Thus they may even eat their prey alive when their flesh is most fresh and allow spilt blood to scab on their bodies and weapons. This gives Bloodgullet Ogors a grotesquely florid and and bloated appearance and the mixing of old gore with sweat creates a stench that even other Ogors find hard to endure. Their religious views result in them seeing the Firebellies practice of roasting meat as horrifying while the Beastclaw Raiders are welcomed as they provide shards of frozen gore which they find to be refreshing to slurp on.[1a]

The Mawtribe contain more Butchers and Slaughtermasters than any other and wield considerable influence even being respected by the Overtyrants of the other great Mawtribes as they are considered chosen heralds of the Gulping God. Some command their own warglutts in the Mawtribe often after eating their former Tyrant. Their Glutthold, the Butcher’s Gorge in the Realm of Aqshy is built around a vast bubbling underground lake that holds great spiritual significance for all of Ogors and believe the lake lies one of Gorkamorka’s broken ribs that was seperated during the battle with Sigmar the God-King. It is said it still seeps Gorkamorka’s blood, forming subterranean rivers that feed the gruesome baths of Butcher’s Gorge. Butchers from other Mawtribes and warglutts occasionally make pilgrimages to the Gorge, wallowing in its gore-springs to seek greater communion with their god.[1a]


In battle the Bloodgullet unleash powerful spells of gastromantic magic. Their Butchers are capable of far more accurate prophecies and the creating powerful concoctions of flesh and ichor which when splattered on warriors swell their muscles and heighten their senses. When more and more enemies are hacked apart the flow of blood also increase causing the spells of shamans' to become even more powerful. The bloodbath causes the ogors to enter a murderous frenzy while Gnoblars dart across the battlefield carrying buckets and pans to catch this deluge for later consumption.[1a][1b]

The Bloodgullet often ally with armies of Khorne as blood is found whereever they roam and Korghos Khul even has Slaughtermaster Horg Blacktooth of the Bloodgullet as one of his advisors. [1a]


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