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Blood Magic

Bloodwrack Viper (background) moving upon the forces of Chaos.

Blood Magic is a form of dark magic whose power is drawn the blood sacrifices of the caster's victims.[3] It is associated with the Daughters of Khaine, but this foul sorcery is also utlized by covens of sorcerers leading the Cabalist hordes.[4] It is also the sorcery used by the Ogor Butchers and Slaughtermasters.[5]

Since Morathi's ascension to godhood she has gained untold power, and immediately sought to test the boundaries of her new abilities. The ruler of Hagg Nar had granted her most trusted sorcerers knowledge to cast new and terrible arcane conjurations of her own devising, in the powerful forms of Blood Magic. These spells include the Bladewind, an endless spell of whirling falchions, carried through the air by a tempest of blood, that scythe through the enemy in an eruption of gore.[1a] Perhaps more terrifying still is the Bloodwrack Viper. Summoned via the bubbling blood of a sacrificial cauldron, this coiling, serpentine monstrosity formed of an unnatural ichor smothers the caster's foes in its scalding embrace. This endless spell is a particular favorite of Morathi's loyal Melusai, for the spell calls upon the curse that runs through their and the Shadow Queen's veins.[1a]


Name Casters Description Sources
Bloodwrack Viper Daughters of Khaine Wizards that know Blood Magic The Bloodwrack Viper is an enormous serpent formed from boiling blood, a manifestation of hatred and bitterness that binds its prey in a crushing embrace before squeezing so forcefully that the victim explodes in a shower of gore. FAQ: Battletome: Daughters of Khaine - 21/12/2021
Bladewind Carried through the air by a crimson tempest of blood, these gleaming falchions carve a bloody path through anything in their way, slicing through armour with unnatural ease to get to the flesh and blood beneath. FAQ: Battletome: Daughters of Khaine - 21/12/2021


The Wizards able to cast these spells are:

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