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The crest of the Blisterskin court.

The Blisterskin are a Grand Court of the Flesh-Eater Courts from the Realm of Aqshy that seek to spread their twisted beliefs on the Realm of Hysh.[1b]

Their zealous Mordants are known to have charred and blistered bodies and have a high number of winged fighters.[1b]


The Blisterskin originate from the destruction of a sun-worshipping empire from Aqshy.[1b]

In the Age of Sigmar, the court descends upon the Dunekeep a formidable fortress in the Reaver Wastes, although it has resisted attacks by both the warriors of Khorne and Greeenskins for two decades, it falls quickly when the hundreds of Crypt Flayers descend from above. [1a]


The madness of this Grand Court makes their royalty believe themselves to be priests and priestess that worship the Hysh, as the most sacred lands, and its Hyshian sun and their Mordants as faithful subjects. The most pious of their subjects are gifted with wings so that they may fly ever higher to receive more of the glorious light of Hysh. These winged mordants are seen as warrior-saints and followed by their lesser mordants into battle.[1b]

Their deranged minds believe that they will seek to proselytise the enlightenment of Hysh to neighbouring kingdoms. But the truth is that they will spread insanity and horror driving these kingdoms they visit into dust. After the slaughter of a city, the Blisterskin believe they are leaving behind a city of converts, instead of the truth, that its citizens were devoured or butchered and left to rot in the blazing heat of the sun.[1b]


The Blisterskin as a myriad of winged cannibals in their numbers. This makes them easily able to surpass even the mightiest walls.[1b]


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