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The Blackfin sailing out of Anvilgard

The Blackfin is a corsair ship of the Scourge Privateers commanded by Theriel Kaltis. [1a]

The Blackfin is able to perform many roles as its captain requires - it is well-armed and crewed ship, able to cut through the waves and carry messages, cargo or passengers quickly or even run a blockade. It is also quite capable of meeting other ships on the open waters and liberating them of any excess wealth and cargo. [1b]


A sleek and narrow ship, with its deck is no more than a dozen feet above the waterline. The ship is stained with a deep black-red resin that seems to absorb all light in the gathering gloom whilst below the waterline, the timbers are painted white. [1a]


There are gun ports for the six Duardin made cannon mounted on each side, a reinforced prow, and boarding ladders and hooks mounted on the bulwarks. [1a][1b]


Aboard the Blackfin, discipline is either a stern talking to or a long walk off a short plank — there’s little inbetween in the captain’s mind. [1b]