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The Big Yellers is one of the major Orruk Warclans of the Kruleboyz originating from Ayadah in the Realm of Metal specialised in ranged warfare they are known for their skilled deffspikerz and deadly warmachines as well as a reputation for laziness. [1a]


Big Yellers tend to favour bright colours and loudness over stealth as they believe the best and brightest of all of Orrukdom should not be hiding. Big Yellers are notable for their extreme laziness but this has led to the ingenuity of their weaponsmiths. Instead of travelling through the wilds they prefer to travel using the waterways of their homelands and has launched entire Waaagh!s on fleets of skiffs and rafts, usually downstream as it is less trouble compared to traveling upstream. The warclan has also developed a rugged industry which is visible in their fortresses which have many winches, drawbridges and mill-wheells. Even their archery ranges are automated to allow target corpses to be stripped of arrows and the ranges to be reset without having to walk back and forth. [1a]

As they originate from Ayadah they have close ties with the Gloomspite Gitz of Skrappa Spill.[1a]


Big Yellers prefer bright colours and loud sounds over stealth and subtler forms of intimidation. Their laziness mean they spend a lot of their time tinkering with their weapons carrying out "kustom modifikashuns". Thus their Deffspikerz are able to wield superior missile weapons, which also solves the issue of having to walk up close to the enemy. However when the effects of the Waaagh! reaches its height Big Yellers can be motivated to break into a run, albeit for a small time.[1a][1b]

The wealthiest of the Big Yellers travel in captured Cogforts which have been heavily modified. These contain firing gantries armed with beast-skewer killbows and massive winch-driven mega-choppas that can smash defences and cut down giant monsters.[1a]


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