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Befouling Host

The Befouling Host also known as the Garden's Garrison are a Daemons of Nurgle Plague Legion known for their extreme intractability and an extreme acceptance of suffering even by the standards of Nurgle's children. Their endurance in the most hazardous conditions have resulted in the legion being entrusted with the protection of the Garden of Nurgle. The legion is led by the Great Unclean One Bul'gla'throx but are largely considered as servants of Horticulous Slimux. [1a]


The Befouling Host consists of many pallid daemons that seek to bask in the reflected glory of Horticulous. When not manifesting into reality they are found battling the forces of rival gods in the furthest reaches of Nurgle's domain to protect the Garden of Nurgle. When they invade reality they seek lands to cultivate their bleak crops, mainly Feculent Gnarlmaws and in particular target lands that have fallen under Be'lakor's Cursed Skies. The armies of the plague legion remorseless grind down all that stands in the path of their cultivation including fellow daemons.[1a]


At the vanguard of the Befouling Host are Slimux's Beasts of Nurgle who bog down the foe allowing Great Unclean Ones under Bul'gla'throx to unleash a wave of noxious sorcery. The main disease used by the Host is the Lumberlord's Woe which acts as a beacon for Feculent Gnarlmaws to enter reality, absorbing the mortals that beckoned them into their barks.[1a]