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Beasts (short story)

Beasts: The Road of the Hollow King
Beasts cover.jpg
Author(s) John French
Released December 20, 2021
Pages 26
Preceded by Soul Prey: The Road of the Hollow King
Followed by Tower of Empty Mirrors

Beasts is a short story by John French.[1]


Speak his name in whispers, the vampire called the Hollow King.[1]

The tragic hero, Cado Ezechiar is a wanderer seeking those who have done him ill.[1]

When he is ambushed and betrayed by a mysterious figure, Cado finds himself in the depths of an underground world and hunted by a monstrous beast. But there is more at work here than a simple trap, and it will take all of the Hollow King's abilities to survive and unravel the truth.[1]