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The Beastfens is a place in the Realm of Ghur that contains The Growling Gates [1]


The forces of Chaos conquered the area and constructed the Gorelight Gatefort to protect the central gate of the realmgate newtwork known as The Growling Gates using them to control the surrounding lands.

In the Age of Sigmar, the Ironjawz Megaboss Gordrakk assaulted the fortress and slaughtered its defenders, his weirdnobs foretelling the arrival of even more worthy warriors - the Stormcast Eternals. [1]

Pergus Brightshield and his Stormhost arrived in a storm of lightning and immediately assaulted the stronghold, but it was quickly discovered that the huge fort was only a lure as the Hammers of Sigmar were attacked by thousands of Ironjawz. All accross the fens, the Stormcast fought to defeat the orruks and as the battle progressed they sought to open the primary gate to the Realm of Hysh and the recently retaken stronghold of Celestrium. Again this was all according to the plans of Gordrakk who had held back his best warriors to retake the gate and open up a route to new battlefield in Hysh. Pergus and his Lord-Relictor saw the danger in time and managed to close the gate, but all of the stromhost were slain.[1]


  • Bloodhaunt Woods. [1]
  • Desert of the Lost. [1]
  • Thirsting Waste. [1]
  • Wyrdwild River. [1]


The Growling Gates

  • Clawstone Deepway. [1]
  • Eyrie of Echoes. [1]
  • Gleamgloom Passage. [1]
  • Gorelight Gatefort. [1]
  • Hornwillow Arch. [1]
  • Mirroed Path. [1]