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Baudrax the Hunter is a Lord of Khorne and leader of the Red Butchers. He seeks out the greatest beasts of the Mortal Realms in order to place their skulls at the foot of Khorne's throne.[1a]


Baudrax has been gifted with a Juggernaut that he has named Gouge.[1a]


Baudrax has developed a strong hatred of the Bonesplitterz, especially the Bonegrinz warclan and their Wurrgog Prophet, Gurkak Weirdteef. He has lost out on beast skulls multiple times when the Bonegrinz were able to claim them first. The orruks have so vexed Baudrax that he once followed the Bonegrinz across the realms in an attempt to claim both Gurkak's skull and a hundred Bonegrinz skulls for every beast skull the warclan had denied him. Unfortunately for Baudrax, a powerful blast of Waaagh! energy from the Maniak Weirdnob Urglthrak sent him flying through the Gnarlgate realmgate before he could claim the prophet's skull.[1a]

Hunting a God

Baudrax and his Red Butchers rampaged across the Godsfall Heights of Aqshy for a hundred years and a day, taking the skulls of all who stood against them. For this, Khorne granted Baudrax a Juggernaut that he named Gouge. In thanks for the boon, Baudrax vowed to take the skull of a mighty beast in the name of Khorne. His Slaughterpriest, Marokh Skullsight, was soon granted a vision of Skargut, an ogor of the Beastclaw Raiders, who claimed to be the prophet of a god called the Ravenous One. Baudrax vowed to slay this demagogue.[2a]

After a violent and blood-soaked journey to the Realm of Beasts, Baudrax and his Red Butchers came to the lair of the so-called prophet. With the aid of his Skullgrinder Solokh, Baudrax made his way to Skargut himself. The prophet was mounted on a Stonehorn and the two lords met in combat. While Skargut's club merely glanced off Gouge's armoured hide, Baudrax nearly decapitated the Stonehorn. Skargut rolled from the saddle and threw a spear through Baudrax's chest, but Baudrax pulled it out and struck the ogor's head from his shoulders. With the death of their prophet, the ogors' nerve broke.[2a] Baudrax then found and slew the Ravenous God itself.[3a]