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Bat Swarm

Bat Swarms are often called upon to aid Soulblight Vampires in battle. They are not ordinary bats, but immense clouds of blood-drinking carrion bats flying with their leathery wings that can often be found above the armies of Death, forming living clouds that cast a dark shadow over the battlefield.[1a][2]


Some Soulblight vampires are able to command them, directing them to attack and disrupt enemy formations through sheer weight of numbers.[1a][2]

These bloodthirsty scavengers bats rely on their razor-sharp teeth as they swarm over an enemy, seeking gaps in their armour and draining their blood, at the same time throwing them into disarray and panic, with very few enemies able to maintain formation and discipline against them. While normally such bats present little threat to armoured warriors, through sheer numbers they can crawl between the armours joints and tear the skin, sink their teeth into veins to sup on the warm blood and strip the flesh from their bones in mere minutes.[1b][2]