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A Basilisk miniature.

Basilisks are reclusive Monsters of Destruction that are a living blight inimical to life.[1][2]


The skin of a Basilisk emanates a poison that forms a corrosive miasma surrounding them, suffusing both their bodies and spirit, that is so poisonous that the ground they walk on becomes poisonous itself. This can quickly reduces even verdant land into ruinous wasteland, wrecking both crops and livestock. The poison causes those affected by to choke on their own blood as they fall victim to its corrosive effects.[1][2]

Their malignant gaze, it's most infamous and deadly ability, allows it to focus its malice upon their victims. This radiates an evil that slowly melts their victim, turning them into a pile of steaming flesh sloughed from their bones and blistering metal that was once their equipment, and causes even plant life to wither.[1][2]

Should those fail they are still swift and lethal reptilian predators with the ability to spit acid, a venomous bite and clutching claws that can grasp and pull apart their victims.[1][2]


Basilisks are reclusive menaces, creatures that are hate-filled and destructive.[2]