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Bahannar miniature.

Bahannar is an Alarith Stoneguard from the Great Nation of Ymetrica, and a member of Myari's Purifiers.[1a][2b]


He and his warband ventured in a quest to quiesce the living mountain of Beastgrave and to stop the spread of the Katophrane curse to the rest of Mortal Realms.[2a][2b]

During the warband's initial venture into Beastgrave, his group encountered the Hedonites of Slaanesh known as the Dread Pageant, who were attempting to perform a ritual to possibly awaken the mountain. This ritual of awakening was subverted and the group, recognizing their fates are now tied to the bestial mountain, resolved to remain to ensure the balance of power does not tip to one faction.[3]


He is armed with a Stone Mallet whose blows land with the power of a mountain avalanche.[2b]