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Azyrite (People)

The Azyrites, are mortal ctizens of Sigmar's Empire who reside in the Realm of Heavens, hail from the that lofty realm, can claim descent from natives of Azyr, or have family ties to other Azyrites.[1b].


Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar's Stormhosts set out to reclaim Realmgates and conquer lands in the Realms of Aqshy, Chamon, Ghyran, Ghur, Hysh, Shyish, and Ulgu the Folk of Sigmar are among the first colonists to settle these new lands and aid in constructing Sigmar's Cities.[1a][1b]


The terms Azyrite and Folk of Sigmar do not refer to a singular, unified culture found within the Free Cities and nations of Sigmar, but rather they are terms applied to all of the cities' folk with blood ties to the people of the Celestial Realm, whether they hail from the Realm themselves or are descended from settlers who came to the cities after the opening of the Gates of Azyr. While it is Humans who refer to themselves as Folk of Sigmar the most frequently, the majority of those who hail from Azyr will refer to themselves by the term whether, they be Aelves, Duardin, or stranger races still.[1b]

The people of these many divergent Azyrite cultures readily trust one another, but often look upon those descended from native populations with distrust or scorn, as many among the Folk of Sigmar see themselves as better than those who natives who survived the Age of Chaos beyond the Gates of Azyr, referring to these native inhabitants of the Free Cities as the Reclaimed. The worst among the Azyrites even accuse the entirety of the Reclaimed as being little more than savages, Chaos devotees, or cannibals. Such wild and false accusations only adding to the tensions between the Free Peoples.[1b]


Settlers from the Heavenly Realm of Azyr favor clothing that incorporates blues, whites, and silvers into the cloth. They will then adorn themselves in gold finery and jewels from lofty cities such as Hallowheart or the Eternal City itself. They are also known for wearing heavy clothing, even in the sweltering lands of the Great Parch, and enchanted plate armor.[1b]


The Azyrites revere the God-King above all others, so much so that they have taken to referring to themselves as the Folk of Sigmar..[1b]

Social Status

The Great Cities of Azyr are well known for their hierarchies and social stratification, and more often than not they will bring these hierarchies and social classes with them to the Free Cities and Sigmarite nations they migrate to. The divide between those born into the nobility and everyone else is a stark one indeed, and many noble families are known to have more wealth and eccentricities than actual capabilities.[1b]


Within the Great Cities of Azyr trade is centered on coinage backed by carefully weighted gems and crystals, and many Azyrites seek to bring this economy to the Free Cities of the Great Parch.[1b]


  • The ancient Bataari and Aspirian cultures of the western Great Parch find the Azyritres to be a presumptuous folk, and jokingly refer to them as the Returned.[1b]