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The War Machines of the Legion of Azgorh.

Carriage Hauler

A miniature of an Iron Daemon hauling a Magma Cannon.

Carriage Hauler are engines with boilers of enough size and power to haul Siege Artillery and munitions, like the Deathshrieker Rocket Launchers, Magma Cannons and Dreadquake Mortars into battle. The crew of these War Engines can goad the half-possessed machine's boiler to greater heights of powers, at the risk of it retaliating against them.[1c][1e]

Iron Daemon War Engine

Iron Daemon War Engine are compact, steam-driven, armoured, profane traction engines with pressure-fed Steam Cannonades. It is a fully mobile arcane artillery engine, powered by a great furnace powered by coal, bones and screaming spirits, capable of smashing down fortifications and tear apart ranks of soldiers.[1c][4]

Skullcracker War Engine

Skullcracker War Engines are arcane-mechanical conglomerations of iron hammers, hacking blades and brutal picks designed by Daemonsmiths to be used in sieges to smash down walls and tear fortifications asunder. The cruel blades of this hissing and grinding machine are just as capable of pulverising and shredding the flesh and bone of any enemy in its path. This weapon is specially good at destroying enemy constructs and war engines.[1e][6]

Siege Artillery

A miniature of a Dreadquake Mortar.

Siege Artillery are heavily armoured and ponderous devices, but they can be attached to a Carriage Hauler, like a Skullcracker or a Iron Daemon War Engines, to be towed across the battlefield to maximize it's combat potential and granting it greater manoeuvrability.[1a][1b][1d][5]

Daemonsmiths are the creators of these weapons and are masters at directing the artillery they forge. This effectively increases the range of this weapon if they are close enough to it.[1a][1b][1d]

The crew of these machines can defend themselves with Improvised Weapons if it ever comes to that.[1a][1b][1d]

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Deathshrieker Rocket Launchers fire Deathshrieker Rockets, one of their most diabolic examples of the Legion's mastery of blackpowder, a warhead bound with howling, malevolent fire-spirits. These rockets are unleashed in a barrage that detonates over the battlefield raining a fiery payload on distant or hidden targets, turning the area around it into an incendiary storm.[1a][2]

Dreadquake Mortar

Dreadquake Mortars are some of the largest and terrifying siege engines of the Legion of Azgorh. It uses a vast steam boiler to generate pressure that fire its volatile shells bound with sorcerous energies. These Dreadquake Bombs are fired on a high arcing trajectory and explode on impact hitting the battlefield like a hammer blow and turning dozens of armoured warriors into burnt meat chunks in an instant.[3][1b]

The crew of this siege engine is a Duardin Slavemaster, wielding Improvised Weapons and a Slave Ogor that strikes with his fists or Chains. These Slaves can be lashed by the Slavemaster to force him to load the ammo quicker at the risk of it revolting.[1b]

Magma Cannon

Magma Cannons are fiendish weapons designed to be used against Troggoths, a heavily armoured hybrid of field artillery and a furnace. In combat they shot blasts of blazing magma to consume metal and flesh to reduce victims to ash.[1d][5]



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